3D Crystal Pokeball With Engraved Pokemon Inside With LED Colorful Base

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The passion of the Pokemon world is now within your grasp!

This Engraved glass Pokeball is sure to make your peers jealous. This is a must have for any Pokemon fans collection! When you put your Crystal Pokeball on the LED stand, it comes to life in front of you.

Choose between: Dragonite, Pikachu, MewTwo, Mew, Greninja, Scyther, Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur, Eevee, Gengar and Charizard.

The Pokeball 3.15 inch/8cm
Lighting Base: 1.77 inch/4.5cm
Weight 1.2 KG
The Package
1X Crystal ball
1X  360 ° rotating  Lighting Base
1X USB Cable
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  • A great gift for any Pokemon enthusiast! Gotta Catch Them All!
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